Which Books Should I Buy for My Baby?

Picture of Written by: Keyana Martinez

Written by: Keyana Martinez

As a teacher-created book box, we understand how important it is to educate parents about the best literacy strategies for your child. Here’s a few helpful tips for new and expecting parents looking for infant/toddler books!

1. Avoid long stories and books with too many words. Infants and toddlers have short attention spans, averaging between 2-6 minutes per activity. They also process information best when it’s presented in simple forms. Text-heavy books can be overwhelming and can also cause babies to quickly lose interest during storytime.

2. Skip the large, heavy books. These books are usually not designed for infants/toddlers and can be difficult for them to handle independently. Babies often like to explore objects with their hands and mouth, so big books with sharp corners and thin pages can be unsafe. These books are also easier to rip and chew, making their shelf life pretty short.

3. Stick to age-appropriate board books for kids under the age of 2. Small board books with rounded corners and thick, sturdy pages are the safest and most durable option for this age group. They’re also the perfect size for tiny hands to hold and explore! Soft cloth books and plastic bath books work well for infants and toddlers too.

4. Look for books with bright, bold words. This type of text is engaging and easier on your baby’s newly developing eyes. Also, try to choose books with simple words or short sentences on each page. This can help keep storytime short and simple for your busy baby!

Stay tuned for more literacy tips and don’t forget to check out our Little Tot book and activity boxes! We also offer more box options for kids ages 3-8+.

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