The Benefits of Dance Classes

Picture of Written by: Kimberly Osborn

Written by: Kimberly Osborn

by Juli Fausett

Most parents can agree that it is a good idea to get kids involved in extracurriculars. And while they are the ones participating in it, children are not known to be the best decision-makers, so it is up to parents to make that choice. One option that all parents should consider is dance classes. The benefits of learning to dance transcend age, so everyone in the family can participate and take something from it. 

Purely Dance is a studio which teaches ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary classes to ages 2 thru adults. Their studio welcomes beginner and advanced dancers who value quality dance training while keeping all music and attire appropriate for all ages. Try your first class for free and find additional information at www.purelydance.com.

For younger dancers, dancing can be great for developing spatial awareness, motor and problem-solving skills, and social skills. The World Health Organization says children should have a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise a day, ideally with some time spent participating in an aerobic activity. Dance is a great way to check this box for your child’s physical health. Dance is also important for children’s neurological development. When young children learn to dance to a musical rhythm, this stimulates their brains and helps improve overall brain functionality. Taking dance classes gives children an outlet for their energy to be used productively while helping to keep them healthy and strong.

Along with all the same benefits for younger dancers, older kids also learn and grow from participating in dance classes. Dance can help improve sleep for teens and young adults. The National Institute of Health reported that adolescent girls aged 15 to 24 frequently deal with daytime fatigue more than other groups. This can lead to sleep disturbances, a decrease in academic success, and mental health issues. Increasing their activity level with dance will help their daytime fatigue decrease without altering sleep times, thus improving their overall physical and mental health by allowing them to have deeper, more restful sleep every night. 

And don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave out the parents. Adults can also benefit from dance in all the same ways as children. It helps with keeping your body fit and your brain happy, but you do not have to be in a dance class to get all these benefits. Many parents who bring their children to a dance class soon find friendships with the other parents who also have students involved in a dance class. Dance is just as fun and social inside the classroom as it is outside.

Dance allows children to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being which will help them in all areas of their life. Not to mention the amazing bonds they make with their classmates that can last a lifetime. At Purely Dance, students are always encouraged to do their best but most importantly have fun doing it. Dance has the power to change a child’s life for the better, but that is not the main reason to enroll your child in dance classes. Your child should take dance classes because it will bring your child happiness, all we, you and everyone at Purely Dance, could ever want for our kids.

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