Step out of Your Burnout and Into Your Brilliance

Picture of Written by: Otto Siegel

Written by: Otto Siegel

A Simple and Revolutionary Solution For Your Daily Pandemic

“Why are we more exhausted than ever?” asks Emily Ballestros in her masterful TIME article (March 11, 2024):

“People are tired. Really Tired. As evidenced by trends such as “Quiet Quitting” , “Coffee Badging”, “Bare Minimum Mondays”, and most of all “The Great Resignation” – when over 47 million Americans voluntarily resigned from their position. People are feeling a strain on more than just their work calendars: they’re feeling it on their spirits. We are now in the era of “The Great Exhaustion.” Her book “The Cure for Burnout” provides plenty of evidence for her perspective.

According to a Gallup study, 23% of employees reported feeling burned out often or always, while an additional 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes. The burnout pandemic in the US is alarming, and affects leaders, parents, entrepreneurs and bright children, with a significant portion of the population experiencing symptoms related to chronic stress, exhaustion, and emotional depletion.

Burnout is easy to identify, but frequently hidden in an “Always on” society..

Curious to learn the symptoms of Burnout? Click here to keep reading!

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