Focus: The real superpower our children need to succeed!

Picture of Written by: Derek Morris

Written by: Derek Morris

The real enemy our children face today is that of constant nagging and never ending distractions. Life is full of distractions, but to the focused it is full of rewards. How do we teach our children to become distraction proof? I have used 1 simple method over the past 20 years to help thousands of students conquer their sprinkler syndrome. You see, we are all designed to be like a sprinkler, all over the place, but if we can learn to focus like a fire hose we will be able to more efficiently put out the fires in our life. This strategy helps us to clear the calculator. Can you imagine doing complex equations without ever clearing the calculator? 60 to 80,000 thoughts fly through our head each day and it is up to us to clear the clutter in order to transition from a sprinkler to a fire hose. The best strategy to clear the calculator is to pause and clear our thoughts by simply allowing our mind to focus on breathing in our nose and slowly out our mouth. Just a couple minutes of focused breathing will do wonders to clear the clutter that can so easily overwhelm our minds. This practice is essentially a basic form of meditation where your goal is to allow thoughts to flow and then release them until eventually the thousands of unread emails in your brain are finally all cleared and you can release the baggage that is weighing you down. Ultimately, this practice will allow us to be more present and pleasant in our daily lives because what frustrates us the most is being overwhelmed. The next time you find yourself bouncing around a little too much, take a moment, close your eyes, and just focus on your breathing until you can focus your thoughts and energy like a fire hose to knock out the obstacle that is right in front of you and that matters most!

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