What Grading Trends Reveal About Failing State of Modern Education

Picture of Written by: Dr. Scott Postma

Written by: Dr. Scott Postma

For over a century, the A-F grading scale has reigned supreme in educational assessment, touted as a beacon of objectivity and scientific rigor. Yet, Stuart Rojstaczer, a luminary academic from Duke University, unveiled a disquieting narrative in his 2003 exposé for the Washington Post.

Startling revelations emerged: erstwhile, the collegiate landscape was bedecked with a sea of Cs, a testament to stringent standards; however, by the onset of the 1970s, the academic milieu witnessed a meteoric ascent towards grade inflation, with an average GPA cresting at 2.9. Concurrently, a precipitous decline in student study hours, plummeting from 40 to a meager 5 per week, precipitated this scholastic sea change. Though initially confined to higher academia, this trend permeated both public and private secondary educational realms.

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What Grading Trends Reveal About Failing State of Modern Education

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