Study Basics: How To Get Started

Picture of Written by: Paige Neely

Written by: Paige Neely

Originally written by Cassandra Marie Vella on Paige’s Tutoring

Knowing how to study is an important part of being a successful student at any age. Having the right tutor guide your student is a great place to start. It will make a world of a difference.

That being said, here are some basics:

1. Pick Out And Customize Your Spot

Having an appropriate place to focus is important. Working from a bed or a couch can be comfortable but not productive. Finding a space in the household that is consistent and quiet is important. This can be a dedicated home office space, for others a kitchen table may be perfect. If you are seeking a space outside of the home a local library or coffee shop are wonderful too. Test out some different places and find what works best for your study sessions.

2. Minimize The Potential Distractions

Maybe you’ve gathered some friends to study with, or maybe your house is a bit louder than expected; no matter the case, you need to limit distractions as best you can. If you study best in a quiet space, consider using a library space or saving up for sound proof headphones to wear for an hour each day. If you are studying on a lunch break, eat your lunch or prepare a healthy snack so hunger doesn’t disrupt your focus either.

3. Mark Your Calendars

Dedicate a time slot in your daily planner to studying, or even studying different subjects. This will keep your notes organized and ensure you have time to stay on top of things. Keeping a study schedule can help you get ahead and stay ahead and even free up your schedule in the long run! Think about those make-up tests you won’t be scheduling later.

4. Spread The Word

If your schedule is tight and you know you may be bound to get interrupted, let those around you know you have a timer set for a study session. Feel free to compare notes with classmates regularly, this isn’t cheating, it’s actually helpful to both of you. Or invite a classmate to study with you, you can help each other out. If a study buddy becomes disruptive, it’s okay to ask them to focus or not invite them next time (talk to your teacher if this becomes a bigger issue).

5. Get, And Stay, Organized

Make sure you keep on top of your homework each week so you have time to dedicate studying. This will help keep your backpack, folders, lockers, desks, etc free of clutter as well. If you don’t already have one, invest in a planner to help keep your schedule written down with a visual. Color coding can help you organize your academics and your thoughts too.

You may have to play a few rounds of Goldilocks to get the perfect study space and schedule right for you, but it will all pay off in the end. You’ll notice once you have a routine in place how beneficial getting started in the right spot will feel. Getting organized can honestly lift some weight off your shoulders too. Hang in there, and start studying!

If you can’t do it all alone, fear not, Paige’s Tutoring is here for you! Our dedicated team of educators is here to help you hone your organizational, time management, and study skills any time.

Reach out to [email protected] or 480-399-8895 today to begin your student’s studying success story.

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