A Post-Election wrap up from Jeanne Allen founder of the Center for Education Reform – the opposition won in many 2023 races and they want to end educational choice & freedom!

The point Jeanne makes in this article is that parents cannot afford to be complacent in the upcoming 2024 elections.  Democrats will get voters to the polls in 2024 by making the election about abortion rights while Republicans are mired in Trump’s legal issues and still struggling with messaging.

The battle for education was won in Arizona in 2022 but the war is far from over.  We will have to fight hard for educational freedom in this coming election.  There are now over 70,000 participants in the ESA program and few who are running for office will want to upset that many people.  However, Republicans who fought to get ESA’s written into state laws hold a one seat majority in Arizona’s legislature.  We can not rest.  We can not take ESA’s for granted.

If you are happy with the ESA program, please tell everyone you know.  Read the posts in this forum and get super knowledgable about ESA’s.   The media is working against ESA’s.  We need you to educate your friends about how the program works and to help counter the organized false messaging that is being blasting out to the public.  We need you to tell them how ESA’s cut education costs in half and as such, it is impossible that ESA’s will bankrupt or hurt Arizona’s public schools. We need you to explain how much accountability there is in this program and how ESA expenses are 100% open for public audit.  We also need you to be able to make points like “why aren’t public school records available to be scrutinized like ESA records?”

Make no mistake.  Our Governor, most Democrats, the media, teacher’s unions and groups like SOS want to kill ESA’s.  They lost hard in 2022.  Because of abortion they will get their voters to the poll.  If Democrats get control of Arizona’s legislature in this next election cycle not only could Arizona’s school options be limited again but we could see abortion become the law of the land in Arizona.

Every election is important but never has so much life and freedom been at stake than what is coming up in 2024.  I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that we have seen so many distractions placed on families right now.  There’s inflation, wars, poor schools, the sexualization of our children, rampant crime, mental illness and homelessness.  These are big problems and we will need great leaders to help solve them.  Please pray, stay strong, help counter the narrative, stay the course and vote.

You can read Jeanne’s article here:  https://open.substack.com/pub/jeanneallen/p/post-election-pre-chaos?r=26rffa&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

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