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Arizona School Counselor Certification, Masters of Arts Education

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ESA Vendor - accepts Class Wallett/Direct Pay, ESA Debit or Parent Reimbursement


AZ Dept of Ed required DPS Level 1 IVP fingerprint card & background check


Key Contact & Business

Business Name or Affiliation (optional)

Mission 2 Transition, LLC

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Email Address

[email protected]



Zip Code

Phoenix, AZ 85041, USA

Spanish Speaking


Teacher/Vendor Questionnaire

Where have you taught or what is your background and experience?

High school counselor for 9 years. College Financial Aid advisor for 7 years prior to becoming a school counselor.

How many years have you taught or provided educational products & services?

0-5 years experience, 6-10 years experience, over 10 years experience

Grade Levels covered by the services you provide?

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Dual Enrollment, Vocational, College and University

Subjects your services cover

Life Skills

Life Skills detailed list

Career Exploration, Transition Planning

Methods used in your teaching or with the products & services you provide

Instructor led, Self-pace, Video, On-Line, In Person

Where do you provide your services?

On-Line, Library, Location I pick

How Far will you drive to provide your services?

15 miles

Type of school that you serve?

Public, Charter, Homeschool, ESA

Class or group size that your products or services can accommodate?

1-2, 3-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24

Hourly Rate


Other Rates

Product prices 19.99 – 24.99

Cancellation notice requirement

14 day

If typically expected by parents for the services you provide, you can enter your level of education or the educational ranges of your team of service

Bachelors, Masters

Undergraduate School and Degree

Bachelors of Science Human Service Management

Graduate School and Degree

Masters of Arts Education School Guidance Counseling

Other aids or assistance that your products & services provide?

Post High School Transition, Educational Consulting, Enrichments

Safety Courses with current certifications

Arizona IVP Finger Print Clearance