How Does Homeschooling Work?

Picture of Written by: Esther Okelola

Written by: Esther Okelola

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling today is versatile. Parents have options such as; online homeschooling classes and programs, homeschool charter schools, co-ops and more [1]! According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Homeschooling means “to teach school subjects to one’s children at home” [5]. Butson on Outschool refers to homeschooling as an alternative educational path. The flexibility of homeschooling allows parents to tailor their child’s education around their interests and learning needs [1]. Though it is important to review your state’s homeschool standards, parents are able to set the pace for their child’s learning and select the subjects that their students will cover at home [1].

Can I Work Full-Time and Homeschool my Child?

To work full time and homeschool your child, creativity and flexibility are important [2]. Homeschool parents at times believe that they need to structure their child’s homeschool day from 8am-3pm Monday to Friday [2]. Yet, there are different scheduling options that will support you as a homeschool parent that works full-time. For example; consider work from home jobs, creating a flexible work schedule, joining a homeschool co-op, and/or receiving help from family members and other homeschool parents [2]. You might be asking, how do I create a flexible work schedule? Consider negotiating a work schedule with your employer, see if there’s a way to be partially or fully remote with that employer [4]. And as stated above, you can seek other remote work options, part-time work, or freelance (i.e. teach on Outschool) [4].

Here are more tips on working full-time and homeschooling:

  1. Focus on required subjects
  2. Supplement homeschooling with online homeschool classes
  3. Build a community. Connect with local homeschooling families through local homeschool associations and groups

What are the Different Ways to Homeschool?

There are a variety of ways to homeschool your student. First, be sure to review your state’s homeschooling requirements as you make the best decisions for your learner and find out the percentage of instruction that must come from you [2]. One method of homeschooling is supplementing at home instruction with live and/or self paced classes [2]. Colwell states that having an online teacher allows your student to receive essential feedback and support in their academic growth. Like the first method, hiring an online tutor in a school subject you as the parent are least confident in, can help further your student’s learning [2]. Third, consider homeschool charter programs if they’re offered in your area. Like online homeschool classes, homeschool charter schools provide the “structured support” of a certified teacher with resources for curriculum and enrichment [1]. Last, consider joining a homeschool co-op. Co-ops can operate as a hybrid model; there are co-ops that provide academic classes a few days a week and others that provide classes Monday to Friday [2].  

Other Resources

  • Support groups are important on your homeschool journey. The Homeschool Legal Defense has helped expand access to homeschooling by “lobbying Congress and the Department of Education” [3]. You can find local homeschool support groups on their website.
  • Need more information on how to homeschool your student? Here is a step-by-step guide to homeschooling!


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Esther Okelola (Ms. O)

Holds her B.S. in Elementary Education. She is also a Homeschool Teacher on Outschool.

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