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Picture of Written by: Kimberly Selchan

Written by: Kimberly Selchan

If you are new to homeschooling or still considering it, this article aims to introduce or guide you along the homeschooling path. Homeschooling is not a new concept. Many of the great philosophers we revere today were homeschooled until Plato founded “The Academy,” which was considered one of the first formal institutions of learning. Interestingly, the one-teacher classroom was founded by a group of parents who banded together to hire a teacher who could substitute for their place and teach the children on their behalf.
However, today, more parents want to be directly involved in the lives of their children.

Over the past few years, with the increase in remote work and learning, more parents are finding homeschooling a viable and ideal scenario for their children, and the outcomes have been phenomenal. Multiple studies indicate that homeschooled children outperform traditional classroom students on standardized tests.

The advantages of homeschooling over the traditional school setting include;

Flexibility: The homeschool system can accommodate the parents’ schedule and the specific needs of the child, such as medical care, and other circumstances requiring a flexible schedule.

Bonding: Homeschooling could form a formidable bond between the parent and child, as they work together to learn and solve problems.

Customized Learning Plan: With homeschooling, you can create a tailored lesson plan for your child to attend to suit their strengths and enhance their weaknesses. Homeschooling has become especially impactful in Arizona where parents can receive state funding to bring in learning specialists and therapists for children with special learning needs that are not being met in a public school.

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