BYB With Russell Coaching: Asking the Right Questions Before, During, and After Your Child’s Diagnosis

Event Description

ESAConnection is collaborating for a Build Your Business Webinar with Dr. Norrine Russell from Russell Coaching in order to support parents and educators navigate the challenges related to ADHD. Due to the amount of the content and Dr. Russell’s expertise, this webinar will last for an hour and half. This webinar is for BOTH educators and parents. Dr. Norrine Russell is the founder of the Russell Coaching for students, which uses an innovative method of coaching for complex students. With twenty years of experience creating positive youth development and parenting education programs, Dr. Russell has extensive knowledge of child development, learning styles, special needs and positive parenting philosophies. She blends this knowledge to provide students and parents with comprehensive support and the tools they need to grow and thrive. RSVP here and mark “Going.” https://fb.me/e/RHT2qDCD TEAM’S MEETING LOG IN INFORMATION: Meeting ID: 294 468 794 950 Passcode: gRAz2Z


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9:00 am

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