Launch a Microschool or Learning Pod w/ Kaipod’s Catalyst Program

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Join ESAConnection and Kaipod on Tuesday February 6th at 7:00-8:00 PM to learn about their Catalyst program that supports educators in developing and implementing learning pods and microschools. About KaiPod Catalyst Twice a year, Kaipods recruit the highest-caliber educators and education entrepreneurs and provide them with the support, expertise, and resources they need to create and sustain innovative microschools. Over the course of 28 weeks (winter cohort) or 18 weeks (spring cohort), Founders in the KaiPod Catalyst program will take their microschool vision from “Idea” to “Launch.” Kaipod’s team will support in all aspects of launching your microschool, including marketing, raising capital, selecting a site, operations, hiring, and academic programming. And, Catalyst doesn’t end after the program. Founders in the cohort receive support for the first three years of their microschool so they can continue to grow their impact on the community. Now accepting applications for the Spring 2024 Cohort! The application closes on February 18th 2024. Mark “going” to attend and to receive important event updates.


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7:00 pm

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