ESA’s Helping those who are Neurodiverse – By Jennifer Compton

Picture of Written by: Dr Norrine Russell

Written by: Dr Norrine Russell

School Choice Movement

What may be good for one kid, may not be good for another. This is especially true when it comes to those of us whose kids are neurodiverse. School Choice is a growing movement, and one that is very beneficial to those of us whose kids may not fit into a traditional public school setting. Currently, there are thirteen states with an Educational Savings Account. 

What is an Educational Savings Account? 

An Educational Savings Account (ESA) gives parents access to their per-pupil state education funds, and allows them to withdraw their children from public school and use the funds for private school, educational therapy services, homeschool supplies, academic coaching, tutoring, etc. The funds are deposited into a government-authorized savings account. Families then will have access to these accounts online where they can purchase (with restrictions) educational needs for their child. 

How School Choice can Benefit Neurodiverse Kids

School Choice allows parents the freedom to choose how to educate their Neurodiverse child. Every child, neurodiverse, or neurotypical is unique in their own way. Just because two children have the same diagnosis, doesn’t mean that the same educational style will work for both. A lot of neurodiverse kids struggle with social emotional cues, organization, time-management, etc and can benefit from an Academic Coach. 

How can an Academic Coach help?

An academic coach can help a child connect with their parents, peers, and school staff. A coach focuses on learning strategies rather than focusing on one branch of learning. They can help with the basics like staying focused, completing assignments, and studying skills which ultimately takes the nagging off of the parent, which in turn reduces stress in the home. 

School Choice will benefit neurodiverse kids in so many ways.  Without an ESA, a lot of parents would not have the funds to hire an academic coach. Parents whose kids were awarded an ESA will be able to advocate for better services for their neurodiverse kids!

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