Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert

Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert

One to one, top rated Tutoring and Test Prep. Serving the East Valley for almost 5 years!

One to one, top rated Tutoring and Test Prep. Serving the East Valley for almost 5 years!


Our mission: To help prepare today’s youth to become tomorrow’s successful adults!

Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert provides customized, in-home, & online tutoring and test preparation services to students in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee & nearby areas. Every tutor has been interviewed at least twice and provided transcripts, degrees, and/or college transcripts, and each possesses a clear Level 1 Federal and county background check or Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Students and parents need a support system. We have over 80 local tutors who bring to our team various certifications and specialties. When matching a tutor for your child, we select the person who meets the majority of your needs considering:  schedule, location, skillset, and even personality! Results and relationships are key to our support so if the match isn’t perfect the first time, you don’t have to repeat the search – we will revisit our available team or even hire someone to meet your goals!

By focusing on the individual & creating a personalized “game plan” and using tools and assessments to set goals, our tutors become mentors who build life skills & confidence. On staff, we provide professional support, as well as resources to our tutors so you are not relying on only the skill and tools of an individual.

We are proud to be an approved Vendor of ESA, ClassWallet, Better Business Bureau, and have been a Preferred Partner of AZ Friends of Foster for over 4 years.

Note: In ClassWallet we are registered as “Tutor Doctor Phoenix East Valley”

Why I started the Business

With Tutor Doctor, our tutors are also mentors who connect with their students and parents to help them understand academics of course, but more importantly a belief that “I can!” and a love of discovery.

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About Me

I was previously a Site Director and Culture Leader in the financial services sector and have two decades of experience hiring and leading teams. Sadly, I saw many young and mature adults who did not have the zest for their career or future vision.

Our kids deserve to discover their interests and skills as early as possible to set their course for their own futures, before any school or career snuffs out their creativity or puts them in a box.

I thrived with mentorship in my academic and professional career, and I want others to have the same opportunity.

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