Purely Dance

Purely Dance

Dance with your heart, your feet will follow!

Dance with your heart, your feet will follow!


We strive to provide affordable, quality, age appropriate, respectful dance instruction to students of all ages and skill levels in classes that challenge students to grow in their knowledge of dance. Our studio encourages passion, confidence, teamwork and a strong work ethic for each student to help them excel both in and out of the dance room. A safe, friendly, uplifting atmosphere is provided for everyone who walks through our doors.

Why I started the Business

Purely Dance was created to provide a conservative dance environment for dancers from all walks of life. We value high quality instruction, modest costuming, age appropriate choreography and family friendly music. Our goal is build a positive community where students can grow to be their best selves both in and out of dance studio.

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We use…

Family Friendly Music

-​We use clean music in our classrooms and recitals (no foul language, suggestive content, etc.)

​-All music, including song lyrics, used for performances and recitals are reviewed by the studio owner

Modest Dancewear and Costumes

-Our dress code requires modest class attire. No midriff or private parts showing.

-All costumes used for performances and recitals cover the dancer’s body, are not skimpy or inappropriate, and are reviewed by the studio owner for modesty.

-Pictures of costumes are available for students and families to see before recital time.

-​Examples of our past costumes can be found on our website purelydance.com and in our lobby.

Respectful Choreography

​-Classroom routines use clean, respectful choreography.

-​All recital routine choreography is clean, respectful, and appropriate for all ages.

We provide…

High Quality Teaching

-​Our teachers have had years of dance training and experience.

-Our teachers are dedicated to providing the best dance education to each of their students and strive to make each student the best dancer they can be.

Positive, Safe, & Healthy Learning Environment

-​​We strive to provide a stress-free, bully-free learning environment for our students.

-We encourage unity and teamwork in the classroom and throughout the whole studio.

-Proper, safe dance techniques are taught to educate students about safety while dancing and to help prevent injury.

-Both dance room floors are floating floors designed to prevent injuries by cushioning the dancer’s joints from high-impact activity such as jumps or leaps.

-The entire studio is thoroughly cleaned each week to provide a sanitary environment.
-Water breaks are given during and between classes to encourage hydration.

Equal Learning Opportunities For All Students

-​Every student is encouraged to work hard and do their best.

-Favoritism of some students over others is not acceptable or tolerated.

-Our goal is for every student to have the opportunity to grow and learn as a dancer in order to become the best dancer they can be no matter who they are, where they came from, when they started dancing, or how many classes they take.

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4236 W Bell Rd Ste B1 Glendale, AZ 85308


4236 W Bell Rd Ste B1 Glendale, AZ 85308