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Kepler Education

Kepler Makes Quality Education Simple For Families

Kepler Makes Quality Education Simple For Families


Kepler Education is an online platform following the university model (i.e., flipped classroom) for providing live, online Classical Christian Education.

Families can choose from Kepler’s more than 100 courses that can be taken à la carte. Or, students can join the Kepler Diploma track, if that makes better sense for your family. Whatever your needs, Kepler offers a myriad of choices to help you achieve your child’s educational goals.

Our philosophy of education is rooted in the Christian and classical tradition. This means Kepler combines the firm biblical conviction that parents are the primary educators with a strong desire to equip and support parents in their God-ordained task of raising children in the paideia of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Teachers serve families in loco parentis.

In the classical tradition of education, paideia meant the cultivation of wisdom and virtue in the next generation of citizens. Classical Christian Education takes this same philosophical approach with the one caveat St. Paul made in his letter to the Ephesians—Christian parents are to educate their children as citizens of a particular kingdom,of the Lord.

In other words, education is meant to be the cultivation of wisdom and virtue of then next generation, but for the Lord’s kingdom. This not only has personal implications but it also has profound cultural implications as well.

In sum, Classical Christian education is the tradition of education in which Christianity has animated the historic liberal arts and humanities. These pedagogies were different than modern pedagogy. The former were meant to cultivate free human beings, which stands in opposition to the modern progressivists’ pedagogy which is designed to train compliant citizens who serve as consumers and cogs in an industrialized State. To learn more about this, see our short film, “We’ve Been Schooled.

Kepler exists to make a Classical Christian Education available, affordable, and accessible to everyone who wants to possess such an education. Visit our website to find the appropriate courses to provide your junior high, highschool, or college bound student with a robust Classical Christian Education that will prepare them to honor God, live well, and do good work in our complex and fallen world.

Or ask for help and get the assistance of a real human being.

Why I started the Business

In times past, it was not uncommon for a family to hire a tutor to help educate their children at home. We wanted to help homeschooling families who valued such a service succeed in their educational calling by leveraging modern technology to offer a unique support platform. Kepler Education is inspired by the early modern mathematician, Johannes Kepler, widely known for his commitment to Christ, the liberal arts, and the advancement of science in the West. Men like Johannes Kepler understood the integration of knowledge was essential to being an educated person. Johannes Kepler exemplifies the courageous, innovative, and robust intellectual approach to education and human flourishing needed in the modern age. Kepler Education is attempting to cultivate this heroic spirit within our academic fellowship.

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About Me

Scott lives way up in the chimney of beautiful Idaho with his bride of more than 30 years. He has four adult children (all homeschooled) and six grandchildren. He has three decades of experience in education and a PhD in Humane Letters.

Teaching Philosophy

Scott has a distinct philosophy of education which is rooted in the belief that the Incarnation of Christ is central to human flourishing. Furthermore, education has the primary function of preparing students for a life worth living. Read more of his philosophy of education here.

Statement of Faith

Scott is committed to historic Christianity in doctrine and morality and holds firmly to the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. He is a member in good standing at Palouse Fellowship, a reformed congregation in North Idaho.

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123 E 3rd St. Moscow, ID 83843

123 E 3rd St. Moscow, ID 83843