iCubed Learning Inc

iCubed Learning Inc

Private, Personalized Tutoring for Grades 3-12: Affordable Rates & No Monthly Contracts!

Private, Personalized Tutoring for Grades 3-12: Affordable Rates & No Monthly Contracts!


iCubed Learning Inc. is a tutoring center located in Tempe, Arizona serving students in Grades 3-12. Our certified and experienced teachers provide in-person and virtual private tutoring services, in addition to a microschool enrichment program designed for homeschooling students, families, and co-ops.

Each of our programs are offered at a competitive price, and iCubed Learning Inc is an approved Direct Pay Vendor on ClassWallet for Arizona families using ESA funding

Why I started the Business

From the earliest stages of my career in education, I recognized the profound difference that personalized attention and tailored instruction could make in a student's academic journey. Traditional classroom settings, while effective for many, often overlooked those students who thrived in a more intimate, one-on-one environment. This realization was the spark that ignited the vision for iCubed Learning Inc. My mission for iCubed is simple, yet profoundly impactful: to create an educational space where each student feels seen, understood, and empowered. By focusing on private, personalized tutoring sessions for individuals and small groups, we ensure that every learner receives the tailored guidance they need to truly excel. What sets us apart is our commitment to flexibility and affordability without compromising on quality. We understand the diverse financial backgrounds and schedules of families, which is why we've removed month-to-month contracts and kept our rates competitive. This ensures that more students can access the high-quality education they deserve. Working with parents is central to our ethos. We believe in open communication, collaborative goal setting, and regular feedback. When parents, educators, and students come together with a unified vision, the possibilities for growth are limitless.

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About Me

Arman Sidhu is the Founder & Director of iCubed Learning Inc. Arman is a lifelong East Valley resident and certified educator with experience as a former Principal and Teacher in public and charter schools throughout the Phoenix area.

In addition to his experience in teaching advanced learners, Arman is an alumnus of local gifted programs, including the CATS Gifted Program in Chandler USD, the PPA Gifted Program in Tempe UHSD, and Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University.

Arman holds a Masters’ degree from the College of Public Affairs & Education at the University of Illinois, and he is currently completing his doctorate at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College at Arizona State University.

Education Experience & Qualifications

  • Experienced Principal & Teacher in K-12 public and charter schools.

  • State-Certified Teacher with experience in K-12 Computer Science, STEM, & Math.

  • Certified Educator

Memberships & Affiliations​

  • Board Member, Chandler Public Library

  • Participating Founder & Graduate, KaiPod Catalyst 

Social Media

1250 East Baseline Road Suite 102 Tempe, Arizona 85283

1250 East Baseline Road Suite 102 Tempe, Arizona 85283