Elite Dance Academy

Elite Dance Academy

Guiding your child's creative thinking as they learn about technique.

Guiding your child's creative thinking as they learn about technique.


We provide dance the following dance classes in the Northwest Valley:

Tiny Tots:  Ages 2.5 to 3 years old – classes to channel their energy, stimulate imagination & creativity and help develop physical skills.

Rising Stars I & II Ages 3.5 to 5 years old – basic stretches, movement, classroom skills and self expression.

Jazz Ages 6 & up – we teach jazz fundamentals using proper techniques as a style performed from the core, hips & chest.

Tap Ages 6 & up – children use tap shoes to learn fundamentals and rhythm.

Lyrical Ages 6.5 & up – a fusion of Ballet & Jazz techniques that uses movement to tell a story.

Contemporary Ages 10 & up – modified Ballet & Jazz techniques.

Legs & Feet dynamic stretching and overstretching to increase flexability, range of motion and injury prevention as well as strengthening feet & ankles, elevated arches, strong ankles & proper alignment.

Hip-Hop Ages 5 & up – these high energy and fun classes build confidence by infusing street & break dancing, “popping & locking” and free style dancing.

Jumps & Turns – strength training for core, upper and lower body and skill/development techniques to facilitate jazz and ballet jumps & turns.

Ballroom Ages 10 & up – dancers learn fluid and elegant step-patterns and synchronized movement in Standard and Latin styles.

Adult Classes – Ballet, Tap & Hip-Hop

Ballet – progress through classical levels of pre-Ballet level 1 to level 8 Ballet incorporating Italian, French and Russian influences.

Baton Twirling Ages 5 to 15 – combines the grace of ballet, the energy of Jazz and the athletics of gymnastics in an 8 week coarse to teach the fundamentals to become a school majorette.

Why I started the Business

From ballet to hip hop our talented teachers nurture students to be the best they can be as a person and as a dancer.

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About Me

​Gia Waxman & Myrta George have years of experience as professional dancers, teachers and choreographers with regional, national and international dance studios and performing companies. They teamed up to share their expertise in the dance field with a new generation of dance students at the Elite Dance Academy.

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13365 W. Foxfire Dr. Surprise, Az 85374 ​


13365 W. Foxfire Dr. Surprise, Az 85374 ​