Enrolling now for fall classes - New ASD Program!

Enrolling now for fall classes - New ASD Program!


Adaptable Student Development (ASD) Program Overview

Continuing the Edkey Online Academy tradition of providing quality, personalized education, the Adaptable Student Development Program (ASD) expands educational support services for students with autism.  Educating neurodiverse students in this program allows for the opportunity to focus on each child’s interests, abilities and individual personality. At Edkey Online Academy, we recognize that each child is unique and has individual learning styles and strengths. We also recognize that many families desire the flexibility to create a learning environment that works in their home.  

ASD Program highlights: 

  • Social emotional learning in small group and 1:1 connection with faculty and peers 
  • Career and technical course offerings to support transition into future careers and workplace 
  • Student and parent orientation to prepare family for flexible distance learning 
  • Creation of a personalized schedule and learning plan to meet each child’s unique needs 
  • Individualized, relevant, and creative curricula within a standards-based framework.  
  • Opportunities for teacher and advisor tutoring throughout each week 
  • Ongoing technical support  

See Yourself at Edkey Online Academy

Students throughout the world choose Edkey Online Academy for many different reasons. We understand that our students have their own circumstances and obligations that could make attending traditional schools difficult or simply desire the freedom and opportunities available through home-based and distance learning instruction. We are committed to working with dedicated students who require a flexible school experience.

Extracurricular Obligations

Many of our students choose distance learning to pursue their interests more fully. We have students who work in the entertainment industry, participate in high-level athletic competitions-including former Olympians, and even run their own businesses! These opportunities often come with time commitments that make traditional schooling difficult, but Edkey Online Academy works with families to make sure that education doesn’t get left behind.

Parent Involvement

Parents are an invaluable member of the Edkey Online Academy team! In the Elementary Program, parents have a very hands-on role as the primary instructors of the children. In Middle and High School, the parent role involves supervision and encouragement as the students navigate through their courses and communicate with online teachers. Parents can always monitor their student’s progress.

Flexible Semester Schedule

Unlike other online schools, students can enroll in classes at Edkey Online Academy at any point during the school year, starting and finishing courses even in the middle of the semester! Students who start late can continue their same classes into the next semester without worrying about being dropped or failed. Alternatively, students can work faster to finish their courses ahead of schedule.

Self-Paced Courses

Our program is deliberately designed to be completely student-paced. If your student wants to finish quickly and move on to new classes within the same semester, they can! Other students may need more time to master the content and can remain enrolled in the same class for up to 180 days with no repercussions. Individualized pacing meets the needs of students who excel in one area and struggle in another.

Varying Course Load

We can accommodate those who wish to be part- or full-time students. Some students only need to complete certain classes before returning to their full-time schools. Some families have other educational plans for their children and are enrolled with us for only one or two subjects. Either way, our teachers and advisor will work with you to find a schedule that works.

Family Focused

Our school understands that many families choose home-based learning because they desire a family-centered educational experience. When a family has children in several grade levels, we try to ease the stress of parents having to work with multiple teachers and advisors. Siblings in grades K-6 will be assigned to the same elementary teacher who is qualified to teach all grade levels. Families with several junior and high school students will be assigned to one advisor, who will be your primary contact with the school.

Deep Enrichment

Edkey Online Academy courses provide students the opportunity to delve deeper into their courses if they so desire. Many of our teachers offer challenges and other learning experiences beyond what is part of the general course content. The flexibility of distance learning allows families to add in their own enrichment activities.

Accelerated Pace

Students at all grade levels K-12 may work through their coursework as quickly as they like. Motivated students can finish their classes as soon as the content is complete, maintaining a rigorous and challenging pace for gifted and high-achieving students. Each year Edkey Online Academy graduates students who are completing high school one or more years ahead of schedule.

Credit Recovery Students

When a student is behind on earning their required credits for high school graduation, credit recovery is an option for getting caught up. Edkey Online Academy offers both semesters of all core subjects at any time during the year.

Year-Round School

Traditional schools are only available for nine months out of the year, but we realize that this schedule may not give a student the amount of time they need to master the standards. At Edkey Online Academy, students can use the summer months to stay on track, catch up, or even get ahead on their schoolwork. Because our school runs all year-round, students who need extra time can succeed.

Home-Bound Students

Some students have health or physical challenges which can make attending a brick-and-mortar school difficult. Through distance learning, home-bound students can receive a quality education that provides the flexibility necessary for these situations.

Working Students

A large majority of our older students attend Edkey Online Academy while working full or part time. Because we are a distance learning school, students can access their courses at any time of the day and on weekends. Our flexibility allows students to complete their education while still meeting work obligations.

Why I started the Business

About Edkey Online Academy

Edkey Online Academy is the private school branch of the highly successful Edkey Online Academy Arizona Distance Learning for students worldwide. Our private school students receive the same excellence in education that Edkey Online Academy is known and recognized for. Since 1999 Edkey Online Academy has provided K-12 students the best education possible by combining technology, certified and highly qualified teachers, and accredited curriculum that exceeds the national and state standards. Students are afforded personalized education in an atmosphere that allows for the flexibility students need to be successful.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a caring environment of high expectations, individualized attention, and great teaching via a distance learning delivery system that is sufficiently adaptable to help K-12 students in traditional and non-traditional educational settings achieve their maximum academic potential and life goals.

Each member of our community accomplishes this mission by:
  1. Knowing each student on a personal and data-driven basis, through conversations, meaningful assessments, and highly interactive teaching;
  2. Promoting a consistent, caring environment of high expectations and accountability, and by creating effective policies, fun incentives, and opportunities for family involvement;
  3. Being an integral part of our learning community, in which students, families, teachers, partnering organizations, and staff share knowledge and support one another;
  4. Using all talents and resources to achieve our mission, with a reflective, teachable, forward-looking attitude of constant renewal;
  5. Preparing students for successful continuing education experiences and careers by allowing them to build individualized, relevant, and creative curricula within a standards-based framework.

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