Cultivate Hybrid Education

Cultivate Hybrid Education

Merging the independence of traditional homeschooling with the structure and collaboration of a classroom environment.

Merging the independence of traditional homeschooling with the structure and collaboration of a classroom environment.


Math: After an initial assessment, students are placed at their appropriate level of Primary Math 2022 (formerly Singapor Math) were we emphasize mastery. We use manipulatives to reinforce the foundations of numeric and quantitative logic.

Language Arts:  All students are exposed to rich, classical literature and poetry that emphasizes strong character development and important moral themes. We use a combination of All About Reading (K – 2nd grade), Fix It! Grammar from IEW (3rd – 5th grade) and Memoria Press literature studies. We use elements of Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) with older students to ensure competent writers.

History: We promoting strong, healthy patriotism for our American heritage emphasizing our active duty as citizens to adhere to the values of the Constitution. We alternate years with world history.

Science: We teach through a Biblical lens, that the world was created by God in six days and that evolution is an unproven theory utilizing Master Books curriculum of Life sciences (two years), followed by Earth and Space sciences (third year).

Enrichments:  We teach that the beauty of the world is most appreciated, expressed and experienced through the visual & performance arts.  We expose students to a variety of styles and mediums where they can express themselves and learn about interpretations of the world through ensemble music-making & singing.  We also provide a few performance opportunities for students to develop stage confidence while they gift their audience.

Why I started the Business

I am passionate about igniting your child’s enthusiasm for learning and I use multiple methodologies and techniques to engage students holistically, fun and fast-paced learning.

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About Me

I am a homeschool alumna and I completed my Masters in Music Education at Arizona State University in 2007. I taught for 12 years in the Tempe Elementary District as a general music educator along with being a choir director at Phoenix Boys Choir for 7 years. After my children where born, I taught part-time at Great Hearts schools as music teacher for two years and have been running a microschool for multi-grade students in my home for the last two years.

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