All Grown Up: Mindset Habits To Adulting

Picture of Written by: Paige Neely

Written by: Paige Neely

Originally written by Shyanne Kollefrath-Dangler on Paige’s Tutoring

Becoming an adult is hard. Everything is brand new to you, and it makes decision making difficult. Your mind can get cluttered with to-do lists, work becomes more stressful than ever and maintaining relationships seems almost impossible. Building good habits early on is a great way to make transitioning into adulthood a whole lot easier. Here are a few ways to help your child transition to adulthood, easier.

  1. Money management

Not everyone gets a lesson in money management growing up. Having strong money management skills can help your child make smart, financially responsible decisions about how to spend and save their money. If you want a financially stable future for your child, setting expectations and goals for them as a child is a great way to start. Whether it’s giving them a budget to spend on personal items for themselves or making them save their money for the really expensive toy they want. Both are excellent ways to start making your child financially independent.

2. Boundaries

Creating boundaries in life is one of the hardests skills to learn. We live in a time where overworking yourself and maintaining two to three jobs is normalized. Creating personal boundaries between you and your job is a great way to keep you going. It gives you time to refresh and in the end makes you a better worker. Creating boundaries in your relationships is also important. If someone is draining your energy, just to be around them, then maybe you shouldn’t be around them. Make that known to your child and be a role model when it comes to setting boundaries.

3.Time management

Having time management skills is absolutely vital to a successful life. Not having enough time in the day makes life difficult. Having a true idea of how long each task takes and scheduling out your daily events is crucial to being productive. Scheduling tutoring sessions is a great way to teach your child time management. Our tutors focus on time management and setting up your student for success by helping to create a realistic timeline. Planners are another great way to keep your student on track. Investing in a planner can help your student keep track of important dates and times.

While these three skills are basic, they are vital to having a great life. Teaching students these skills while they are in middle school and high school gives them plenty of time to learn the benefits and consequences of their actions in a controlled manner.

If you don’t know where to start or how to help your student become successful, reach out to Paige’s Tutoring today and we can help you and your student stay on track, maintain goals, and set expectations for a successful future!

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